[ic] Displaying category in results.html

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Sun Mar 27 21:09:54 EST 2005

>>> dxxxxxxx at cyber3dnet.com 03/27/05 04:56PM >>>

<snip....sorry, groupwise quotes horribly and i'm too lazy to fix much

> How can I retreive the category description (the name displayed in
> category_vertical) and display it in my results page?  I tried
> through the code, but I was lost in the perl in the catalog_before

There are a couple of ways....but one i tend to use, if all of the
products are going to be in the same category, goes something like

[item-alternate first_only]
 <h2>[item-field category]</h2>
  <!-- ...insert table tag and headers here, as opposed to in an
on-match element... —>

put something similar inside your [search-list], and remove any
[on-match] that prints the table headers.  after all, you don't want to
spit them out twice.  :)

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