[ic] Displaying category in results.html

Peter peter at pajamian.dhs.org
Sun Mar 27 21:20:15 EST 2005

On 03/27/05 13:56, David xxxxxxx wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I've been trying to figure out how to display a category description at the
> top of my results.html page for a good part of the day today.  I'm looked
> through the manual, googled it, etc and cannot figure it out.  My goal is to
> display the product group with the category description displayed under it.
> Model: [item-field category] <----this displays the category for the items
> in the list since the search results are based on one category.
> How can I retreive the category description (the name displayed in
> category_vertical) and display it in my results page?  I tried looking
> through the code, but I was lost in the perl in the catalog_before file.  

see <http://www.interchange.rtfm.info/docs/frames/icdatabase_35.html>

Regards, Peter

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