[ic] Installation of /interchange/debian/5.2.0:Interchangeserver unavailable

Marco Mescoli m.mescoli at omnibit.nu
Tue May 3 08:30:39 EDT 2005

Enjoy enough. Maybe a possible problem with makecat.

File /etc/interchange/interchange.cfg
- line added from makecat:
Catalog       foundation /var/lib/interchange/catalogs/foundation

- line with correction:
Catalog       foundation /var/lib/interchange/catalogs/foundation
without the string "my-server".

I retry the makecat procedure with a new foundation catalog based with
In the file /etc/interchange/interchange.cfg was inserted the same problem.
After purge SocketPerms from interchange.cfg and "manual" correction
of the Catalog line all goes well.

Thanks to you.

> If you do not see the above "Configuring catalog foundation" line, then
> your catalog is not configured to run on the server, so that's why you get
> the "Undefined catalog message". Add the line to
/etc/interchange/catalogs.cfg :
> Catalog foundation /var/lib/interchange/catalogs/foundation
> (Make sure it's not wrapped in any "ifdef" statements), and restart
> Tell us where do you get now.
> Nice day everyone,
> -doc

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