[ic] Unsure that Route is working

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 20:50:50 EDT 2005

Hi list,

I have been digging around in order route directive, I am trying to send an 
e-mail to each product vendor saying that an order has been made.

For this I found a perl rutine that separates each item and looks at the 
vendor and sets the route for that vendor, like this:

  [perl table=products]
    my %route;
    my $item;
    foreach $item (@{$Items}) {
        my $code = $item->{code};
        my $keycode = $Tag->data('products', 'vendor', $code);
        $item->{mv_order_route} = $keycode;

I have set that in the shopping_cart in the check out page, I have set the 
route in the catalog.cfg,  and set the vender field in the products 
database, but nothing happens, I am not seeing any activity in the logs 
(sendmail) or anywhere, how can I find out if  it is working?

my route is like this:

  Route  carulla      pgp_key       0x67798115
  Route  carulla      email            carulla at hostanme.com
  Route  carulla      reply            service at localhost.com
  Route  carulla      encrypt        1
  Route  carulla      report          etc/report_mail

I am using IC 5.02 with postgres DB on a FC 2.

Thanks all the help is welcome

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