[ic] URGENT exchange rate usertag

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Mon May 9 07:52:57 EDT 2005

Hi List,

I am trying to use the exchange rate posted on the list a few weeks ago. But 
the user tag is returning empty, so I cannot update my locale table, the 
user tag is like this, I am sure there is something wrong in the code, 
because it was working a few days ago.

My code is this:

UserTag exchange-rate Order currency
UserTag exchange-rate PosNumber 1
UserTag exchange-rate Routine <<EOR
sub {

my ($currency) = @_;
my $url;

if ($currency eq 'EUR') {
$url = 
if ($currency eq 'USD'){
$url = 
else {
$url = 
use LWP::Simple;
my $content = get $url;
#die "Couldn't get $url" unless defined $content;
$content =~ /(\d\.\d{2,5})(.........)/;
$Scratch->{rate} = $1;
return $1;

Please I need some help with this, it is supposed to be working for today!!!

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