[ic] SECURE_SERVER options

Daniel Davenport ddavenport at newagedigital.com
Wed May 11 10:39:06 EDT 2005

>>> brockp at michiganlivestock.com 05/11/05 8:13 AM >>>
> Is it ok to run the SECURE_SERVER with a port also?
> ie https://myserver.com:442  as we already have a ssl server running but
> under the hostname of mail.myserver.com for the default ssl port.  Any
> forseable problems or would this be safe?

Aside from your URLs being uglier, you should be ok.  Just make sure the settings in catalog.cfg (and in variable.txt, if you use it) include the port.
Really, though, you might consider getting another IP address and using it for the store (both SSL and non).  To me, using a nonstandard port is a sign of either a punk running a web server off of mommy's cable modem, or something more important (read: hackworthy) running on the port the server should be using.

> Second question,
> i assume that to use MYSQL_TRANSACTIONS=1 the mysql DB must use INNODB
> tables?  how has the luck been with INNODB and interchange performace as
> well as how much does interchange suport transactions?

I don't use innodb, so i wouldn't be too helpful in that regard.  
For reference, though, BDB tables can also do transactions.  I haven't tested them performance-wise; i'm just telling what i know.  :)

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