[ic] LWP::Simple get url returns error

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Thu May 12 09:51:00 EDT 2005

Hi list I am getting this: DeTQgeo3: - [12/May/2005:12:46:15 +0000] plcost 
/cgi-bin/plcost/test.html Runtime error: Couldn't get 
http://www.larepublica.com.co/inc/imagenes/indicad.php?env=7m9r5j5c at (tag 
'exchange_rate') line 8.

And a error 500 in the page I call the user tag.

My usertag is this one:
UserTag exchange-rate Order currency
UserTag exchange-rate PosNumber 1
UserTag exchange-rate Routine <<EOR
sub {

my ($currency) = @_;
my $url;
$url = 
use LWP::Simple;
my $content = get $url;
die "Couldn't get $url" unless defined $content;
$content =~ /(\d\.\d{2,5})(.........)/;
return $1;


i am trying to get the exchange rate for the colombian peso.

With rsDVD in the IRC chat came to the conclusion that interchange is unable 
to resolve a host, so he gest lost and retunr the error. but we are not 

All the help will be appreciated.

Daniel Castro

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