[ic] Modifying shipping methods bug?

drtester at netzero.com drtester at netzero.com
Fri May 13 11:13:52 EDT 2005

I'm trying to modify a shipping method on an IC 5.2 installation with the UI, but not having success.  

In the UI, I go to Administration -> Commerce -> Shipping.

I have a shipping method that is a clone of a UPS method, basically.  However, the same thing happens when I try to modify one of the existing UPS methods.

I click on UPS Second Day Air, then Edit Method.

Problem #1: no matter what UPS Method I choose, it always reverts back to UPS: 2 Day Air.

I click on NEXT, then change the Charge Type to Formula.  After Clicking OK, the formula appears on the right.

Problem #2: I can't change the formula!  It always reverts back to whatever has been saved.

Is these bugs, or am I missing something?  The same thing happens with the online 5.3 demo.


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