[ic] Willing to pay for help with small problem!!

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Mon May 16 08:36:50 EDT 2005

>I have a small problem that is driving me nuts.  I bet that someone  more 
>experienced than me on this list could provide an answer in  about 5 
>minutes.  I'm willing to pay US$50 immediately (via paypal)  if someone can 
>e-mail the answer to the following:
>The facts:
>1) We are using the "standard" foundation store.
>2) We are selling products to Japan.  They require TWO taxes
>     2a) $2 PER ITEM.
>     5a) 5% tax on the price of the item (not including shipping of  the $2 
>3) Sometimes we ship COD
>     3a) The COD fee is $3 or 4% whichever is greater.  .  (This fee  is 
>charged on the TOTAL cost - subtotal+taxes+shipping)
>What I need:
>1) Tax for Japan calculated as above and displayed in the cart as tax
>2) COD fee calculated and shown when the COD payment method is  collected.
I asume that the criteria for shipping is weight, but you can change it... 
just be careful witht the tabs.

COD: description
        criteria        weight
        min             1
        max             15
        cost            f if @@TOTAL@@ * 0.04 < 3.00){ return  3.00;} else{ 
return @@TOTAL@@ * 0.04;}

What I have done is stablish a minimum, do the formula, the total times 4%  
and return the greater.

This has to be in shipping.asc in the products forlder of your catalog.

Hope this helps

>I think that this is probably just a question of inserting the  correct 
>formulas somewhere.
>Does anybody want to help out the "new guy" and make a few dollars at  the 
>same time??
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