[ic] multi page checkout not found

daniel castro daniel_castro at hotmail.com
Mon May 16 11:07:07 EDT 2005

>A Dilluns 16 Maig 2005 15:47, daniel castro va escriure:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > I just downloaded the
> > interchange-foundation-demo-5.2.0-1.i386.rpm
> > I needed the multi page checkout and someone told me the demo in 5.2 had
> > it, but when I checked it, it didnt, so I was wondering, is there a way 
> > change from a single page to the multipage in the foundation demo?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Daniel
> >
>Look  at:
>/dist/standard/pages/ord/   directory
I have this:
[root at extranet foundation]# ls
backup       config  error.log  foundation.structure  include  orders  
products  special_pages  tmp
catalog.cfg  dbconf  etc        images                logs     pages   
session   templates      upload
[root at extranet foundation]# pwd

[root at extranet dist]# ls
catalog_after.cfg  catalog_before.cfg  error.log  etc  foundation  
interchange.cfg.dist  lib  locale.error  src
[root at extranet dist]# pwd

I cannot find the folder that you mentioned.


>in the Nightly build files
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