[ic] HEAD method and mv_tmp_session

John Young john_young at sonic.net
Thu May 26 14:10:42 EDT 2005

Any thoughts here on whether or not the HTTP HEAD method
should have a true mv_tmp_session?

I'm kind of thinking it should since AFAIK HEAD is primarily
used for link checking.  Also, if a browser does both GETs
and HEADs when a user visits a page (I think Safari does this
sometimes, unless I'm seeing scripts with phony User Agents),
a bunch of non-visited pages can show up in the session history.

I'm not sure if this would simply boil down to having:

     $CGI::values{mv_tmp_session} = 1 if ("\U$CGI::request_method" eq 

in Server.pm in the else{} just after the POST and PUT conditions.
I'm quite concerned about what I could end up breaking, however.

Ideally, HEAD wouldn't eat as many system resources as GET, but
I'm not sure how easy it would be to have Interchange bail once
it knows the HTTP status code.

Any thoughts are much appreciated...

John Young

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