[ic] sql insert/update with interchange?

T. Stoffels tstoffels at gmail.com
Sat May 28 10:18:52 EDT 2005

Hello again.

I noticed it's possible to write to my database from within an
interchange page (to save values passed by a form for example) by
'abusing' the query tag:
[query sql=|insert into mytable (myvalue) values(13) | ]  [/query]

It works, no doubt about that, but I can't imagine it was intended to
be that way.
The query.../query tag seems to return '1' btw, (which appears as
output on my page)

So, is there some special interchange tag for writing to a database?
Or maybe interchange provides a ready-to-use DBI-handle which can be
accessed from within a [perl]...[/perl ] statement?

thx in advance.

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