[ic] Catalog is non-responsive unless SocketFile is in default location

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Tue May 31 15:19:37 EDT 2005

Quoting JT Justman (jt at airdelights.com):
> Hi, everyone -
> I have a testing server running on FC3, with IC built from the nightly
> build 200505030658 which is the same as our production server. I have
> been manually duplicating the init scripts, as I neglected to specify
> "Linux Standard Base" on installation to have them installed for me.
> When I start IC using "su - interch -c
> "/usr/lib/interchange/bin/interchange", everything works fine. The init
> script, however, uses the /usr/sbin/interchange script, which specifies
> several command-line options.
> The problem is, that the link program is non-responsive if I specify
> either via the script or the command line the option
> "SocketFile=/var/run/interchange/socket". If I omit it, the socket file
> is created at interchange/etc/socket, and works fine. I'm guessing that
> there is some other option I need to set to specify this socket
> location, but what is it? I'd prefer to have both servers with exactly
> the same structure.

Have you tried just copying over /etc/interchange/* and
/usr/sbin/interchange from the working machine?

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