[ic] Catalog is non-responsive unless SocketFile is in default location

Bryan Gmyrek bryangmyrek at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 17:49:04 EDT 2005

> > 
> > The problem is, that the link program is non-responsive if I specify
> > either via the script or the command line the option
> > "SocketFile=/var/run/interchange/socket". If I omit it, the socket file
> > is created at interchange/etc/socket, and works fine. I'm guessing that
> > there is some other option I need to set to specify this socket
> > location, but what is it? I'd prefer to have both servers with exactly
> > the same structure.

Hi.  I'm not sure if this will help but when i was having socket problems i did:
SocketPerms 0666
in interchange.cfg
Apparently this is sorta insecure but if you're the only one using the server I think it's oke


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