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James P. Kinney III jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Tue Nov 1 20:14:46 EST 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-01 at 16:47 -0800, Peter wrote:
> > James P. Kinney III wrote:
> > 
> >>I would like to add a special shipping method that is only available to
> >>some logged into the admin area ->orders->enter order. This will be so
> >>the phone staff can waive shipping charges on certain call in orders
> >>that they enter online through the admin new order area.
> Another possibility is to enter the order in the admin, then go in and 
> edit the order where you can change the shipping cost manually to 
> whatever you want.

OK. I looked at that and ran into several issues. This site is supposed
to be a live credit card site so a purchase is billed on-the-fly with
authorize.net. If I generate an order internally with a called in credit
card number and _then_ have to edit the order to back out the shipping
fees, the order person will have to issue a credit card return.

Plus I got an error message when I ran a test:

table transactions: set_slice error as called by Vend::Data: DBD::Pg::st
execute failed: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type timestamp: "" query
was:update transactions SET
currency_locale=?,fname=?,subtotal=?,po_number=?,comments=?,state=?,b_country=?,email=?,campaign=?,b_lname=?,shipping=?,order_number=?,parent=?,salestax=?,b_company=?,archived=?,order_wday=?,username=?,b_fname=?,zip=?,payment_method=?,b_phone=?,order_date=?,b_address1=?,lname=?,b_state=?,address1=?,shipmode=?,phone_day=?,store_id=?,status=?,avs=?,b_city=?,phone_night=?,city=?,fax=?,order_ymd=?,company=?,b_zip=?,country=?,b_address2=?,order_id=?,affiliate=?,deleted=?,total_cost=?,address2=?,nitems=?,update_date=?,handling=?,complete=? WHERE code = 'TEST0004' values were:'','wilma','169','','','MA','','billme at chargealot.com','','','0.00','TEST0004','','0.00','','','2','00003','','10111','credit_card','','20051101 20:07:01','','flintstone','','123 any st','JACKSVAC (Jacks $7.95 rate)','5551234','','pending','','','','bedrock','','20051101','','','US','','','ORDER_DESK','','176.95','','1','','0.00','0'
> >>Where is the "process" page generated?
> process isn't a real page.  See 
> <http://www.icdevgroup.org/interchange-doc-5.2.0/icfaq.html#Where%20is%20process.html>

Thanks. That was what I thought it was. Now to dig into the guts...
> Peter
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