[ic] can only change first item in shopping cart

Gert van der Spoel gert at 3edge.com
Wed Nov 2 06:47:40 EST 2005

NOW Web Sites Coordinator writes: 

> I have an Interchange 5.2 system which uses the foundation code almost 
> entirely.  When a user puts something in the shopping cart, only the first 
> item can be deleted or the number of items changed/recalcuted.  I copied 
> over basket.html from a 5.3.1 release and that didn't do the trick.  The 
> demo on icdevgroup.org seems to work fine. 
> Have others had this problem?  Can anyone point me to particular code that 
> is the problem/will fix the problem?  I'd love not to scrap all of our 
> code just to fix this problem.

Perhaps you could post your basket code, it might be easier to determine 
where things go south?  Also are you trying it on a specific browser?  
Lately some issues with IE6.2(?) were posted regarding javascript on some of 
the demo pages. Perhaps trying with another browser gives a different result 
and brings you closer to the solution of the problem. 

Good luck. 


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