[ic] can only change first item in shopping cart

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Wed Nov 2 11:49:32 EST 2005

N.E.S.T. Solutions wrote:
>>I suspect that all of the rows on your cart page share the 
>>same quantity input field name;  They're probably all named 
>>"quantity", instead of "quantity0" and "quantity1" etc.  Edit 
>>your cart code to change use <input name="[quantity-name]" 
>>...> for your quantity text field (and checkbox, if present).
>>Secondly, it's probably no good copying the basket.html to 
>>fix this, as later Foundation/Standard demos make use of 
>>component files.  Your basket.html page probably makes use of 
>>the "templates/components/cart" component, so that's the file 
>>you'd want to copy.
> The source of my cart page showed quantity0 name for all items. It is 
> in fact spelled as is in the name fields of the cart display component 
> in IC 5.2.
> I just tried Kevin's solutions, replacing the "quantity0" with
> "[quantity-name]" 
> and it worked like a charm. It does have to be changed for both the
> checkbox 
> input name and for the quantity input field name.
> I wonder though, will it have to be changed in checkout... I haven't
> checked yet

Ah! That reminds me. The problem with my pages was that somewhere along
the line the [quantity-name] tag was being replaced *in the ITL page*
with "quantity0". I would change it, and some gremlin was coming along
and changing the source pages. I thought I was going nuts, but I wasn't
the only one.

Perhaps it's been corrected now, but if it changes itself back, see the
workaround in my other post.


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