[ic] DatabaseAuto and auto_increment

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Wed Nov 2 14:13:07 EST 2005

Hi, everyone!

I'm using IC 5.3.1 on FC3 running MySQL 4.1.14 (custom build). My
catalog was born in IC 4.6.

I've recently set up DatabaseAuto on first my testing and now production
servers. I neglected to notice, however, that for tables with
auto_incriment set, IC still tries to set an index in the UI. If I set
like this:

Database table_name AUTO_SEQUENCE 1

in catalog/db config, as I had before, it seems to work. But, the point
of using DatabaseAuto was to avoid having to specify such things for
each table, and I've got tons of custom tables.

I was looking at the DatabaseDefault code and it's a tad over my head. I
can only imagine that there is some kind of magic going on that pulls
the hash of the table info from DBI. Is there an existing mechanism that
can help me out here?


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