[ic] DatabaseAuto and auto_increment

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Wed Nov 2 16:53:23 EST 2005

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Jon Jensen (jon at endpoint.com):
>>On Wed, 2 Nov 2005, JT Justman wrote:
>>>I've recently set up DatabaseAuto on first my testing and now production
>>>servers. I neglected to notice, however, that for tables with
>>>auto_incriment set, IC still tries to set an index in the UI. If I set
>>>like this:
>>>Database table_name AUTO_SEQUENCE 1
>>>in catalog/db config, as I had before, it seems to work. But, the point
>>>of using DatabaseAuto was to avoid having to specify such things for
>>>each table, and I've got tons of custom tables.
>>Does that really work with MySQL? Does MySQL 4.1 have sequences?
> It doesn't have sequences, but we emulate the behavior with

I confess that I have been using such directives in my dbconf's for a
while. It has appeared to work thusfar. Should I be changing it?

>>>I was looking at the DatabaseDefault code and it's a tad over my head. I
>>>can only imagine that there is some kind of magic going on that pulls
>>>the hash of the table info from DBI. Is there an existing mechanism that
>>>can help me out here?
>>I'm not aware of any. It would be nice to have. Still, using DatabaseAuto 
>>saves you a fair amount of manual configuration even if you still need to 
>>specify sequences separately ...
> If the OP could explain precisely how we might intuit the AUTO_SEQUENCE
> behavior from the SQL configuration perhaps we would. But I think we are
> waiting on the Mind::Read module for Perl....

The only solution I can see is to parse the output of DESCRIBE. Which I
suppose is somewhat less than elegant.

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