[ic] Infrequent problem --- PGP failed with error level 12, status 12

Randy Just randyjust at justcomp.com
Thu Nov 3 23:58:00 EST 2005

I suspect this is probably a rehash of a problem already resolved 
that is troubling
our 5.2.0 installation of Interchange.

I looked through the archives and it appears there were patches for 
older version
of Interchange, circa 2003, but nothing more current regarding the problem.

An Interchange system was brought online about two weeks ago.  Over that period
of time 3 orders have been lost.  That being the order file isn't 
written out with the
encrypted credit card and order information into the orders 
subdirectory as well as
the tracking.asc file.  The MySQL tables are written to OK, but don't 
have the credit
card info in them for security reasons.

Looking in error.log shows something like the following for the problem orders: 6ngtBkZF: - [03/November/2005:08:58:02 
-0700] cart /cgi-bin/cart/ord/finalize.html PGP failed with error 
level 12, status 12: 6ngtBkZF: - [03/November/2005:08:58:02 
-0700] cart /cgi-bin/cart/ord/finalize.html PGP hard failure, command 
that failed: gpg --batch --always-trust -e 
-a  -r  'sales at mydomain.com' 

What is the current collective wisdom that would be causing the intermittent
problem in the creation of the encrypted order files?


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