[ic] table-editor tag and item_id with autonumber table

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Mon Nov 7 16:38:54 EST 2005

Hi, Everyone.

I've got an IC 5.3.1 Admin UI. I'm building some forms on my
autonumbered custom tables using [table-editor] inside the "Items" menu

I can create a new entry on an autonumber column with:

[table-editor key="" table="site_content"]

The problem is that the "Items" group uses $CGI->{item_id} to track the
current product sku, and if there is a value in $CGI->{item_id} then
[table-editor] treats that as the code to edit, and we end up creating a
row with the number of the current item sku when we thought we were

I see two ways to change this without breaking things: use a different
variable for all the item_* pages, or change Editor.pm to use something
like 'ignore_cgi_key' or 'force_autonumber'. Anyone see a different way?



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