[ic] Odd behavioir when adding items to cart

DB DB at M-and-D.com
Thu Nov 10 13:38:33 EST 2005

> DB wrote:
>> I'm a bit confused at IC's behavior when one attempts to add items to
>> the cart from a results page by typing in a quantity and then pressing
>> the Enter key.
>> This behavior can be seen on the icdevgroup live demo page:
>> 1) Search for the term hammer
>> 2) Type in 1 for the qty for item Modeling Hammer then press Enter
>> Instead of adding the item I wanted to the cart, IC adds the Framing
>> Hammer. Perhaps this is because the Framing Hammer is the first item on
>> the list. This will eventually result in people placing orders for
>> things they don't want.
>> If you click the buy button instead of pressing Enter, all seems well.
>> Can this odd behavior be changed, or at least have no action take place
>> when Enter is pressed thus requiring the buy button to be clicked?
> Well, I can see the issue you describe in Internet Explorer, but it
> works as expected in Firefox. The browsers each handle multiple submit
> buttons differently. The code for this results page relies on the
> correct button value being submitted. AFAIK, the only way to prevent
> this completely is to leave out the quantity boxes, leave out the
> individual buy buttons, or make a single form for each item.
> Also with this catalog's cart system, if you add an item, then add it
> again with a quantity specified, the items don't stack; rather the new
> quantity is substituted. So if you add two items then try to add two
> more, you only end up with two. This behavior doesn't seem desirable.
> I haven't messed with the new Standard catalog much. My current catalog
> uses pages and components from IC 4.6 or so, and has been heavily
> modified. This looks like a pretty major usability issue for people who
> wish to use Standard 'out of the box'. For our company, the #1
> requirement of the website is that it always does exactly what our
> customers expect. If it doesn't do what they expect, we lose sales.
> So, does anyone see a way to retain the existing functionality without
> breaking the page in IE?
> JT

I'm using the latest Firefox on Windows and the problem does occur.


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