[ic] table-editor tag and item_id with autonumber table

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Fri Nov 11 13:02:13 EST 2005

Okay, I guess I mis-understood what was happening in Editor.pm.

The code for ignore_cgi_item_id I cited before does not do what I
thought. It's related to save_cgi.

Setting cgi=0 (or not setting it at all) prevents item_id from being
used as the new key. That works fine. I'm not sure why I'd left cgi=1
all this time anyway - I'm not using any cgi args.

But, there is a line (2258 in the nightly build 200511110658) that says:

	my $key = $opt->{item_id} || $CGI->{item_id};

This uses the CGI value to populate the form regardless of $opt->{cgi}.
So I changed it to:

	my $key = $opt->{cgi} ? $opt->{item_id} || $CGI->{item_id} :

This ensures that the key stays blank as the form is populated, even if
there is a value present.

Is this suitable for addition to CVS? I'm a CVS virgin...


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