[ic] questions about shipping

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Fri Nov 11 18:13:37 EST 2005

Daniel Browning wrote:
> * JT Justman <jt at airdelights.com> [2005-11-11 12:29]:
>>SAMCOM LLC Interchange wrote:
>>>I am wondering if there is something in interchange that will let you
>>>specify the length, width and height of a product so they can be used in
>>My solution was to create a custom field on products called dim_weight,
>>and populate it for the item with the dimensional weight based on the
> [...]
>>What I actually use is more complicated
> Part of the "more complicated" version is probably that it differentiates
> between ground and air services, since they have different dimensional weight
> formulas.

None of our packages get DIM'ed via UPS or FedEx ground service, AFAIK.
But I could be wrong. Check local listings.

I said more complicated because it was easiest to explain. We have a lot
of considerations because we have some hazmat items, which can be
shipped via some services to some places and not to others. So we have a
complicated four-table lookup, and now the weight is calculated as part
of the larger shipping cost calculation system.

As Kevin pointed out, I only intended the script as an example.


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