[ic] centralized variable table - can it be done?

Bruno Cantieni bruno at digi-land.com
Mon Nov 14 08:12:58 EST 2005

Hello all.

Our client runs a merchant network of 40+ merchants/catalogs.
All the merchants catalogs are administered centrally (individual merchants
have no admin functions other than basic order management) and many tables
are global using a merchant_id field to identify individual merchant
For ease of administration we would now also like the catalogs to read their
rsp. variables from a "global" mysql variable table (keyed by
catalog/merchant id) rather than from individual variable tables (currently
using variable.gdbm) on restarts/reconfigs.
While globalizing tables such as "products" was a no-brainer, I'm at a bit
of a loss as to how we might implement this with "variable" or of it is even
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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