[ic] IC not responding

Sandy Thomson sandy at scotwebshops.com
Tue Nov 15 09:33:35 EST 2005

John1 wrote:

> From reading around on the web, it would seem that MaxClients 150 
> ought to be enough even for moderately busy web servers.  Does anyone 
> else have a view on this?  Ron, I can understand your idea of raising 
> MaxClients to help the problem, (although I can't try this myself as 
> my Virtual Server environment restricts the number of concurrent 
> processes I can run).
> However, I am sure you will agree that raising MaxClients is really a 
> work around rather than a solution to the underlying problem.  I can 
> only presume that this problem of scripts looking for security holes 
> hammering websites must be a problem common to every website on the 
> Internet, and therefore presumably every website is bumping up against 
> MaxClients on a regular basis!?  I presume that most websites come 
> back to life as soon as the script robot goes away, but even so, all 
> websites will be brought down by this sort of robot for the duration 
> of its visit.  So, to get to my point, are there any easy ways to stop 
> these script robots racking up the MaxClients count in the first 
> place.  i.e. is there anything in Apache or Apache modules that can be 
> used to spot these "robot attacks" and drop their requests before they 
> cause Apache to spawn loads of processes?  I'd be grateful for any 
> ideas, especially as upping the MaxClients setting is not really an 
> option for me.  Thanks

Try mod_evasive, or use the robot blocking functionality in interchange, 
in conjunction with iptables, to drop packets from the malicious IP.  
Most common robots should not kill your webserver.


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