[ic] RAID, Gentoo etc. (was: mod_interchange and Apache MaxClients)

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Nov 18 11:10:26 EST 2005

Steve [icdev at mrlock.com] wrote:
> I did upgrade our Mysql server from Redhat 7.1 to one of the latest Gentoo
> Linux AMD64 builds, and it has been rock solid for about a year now - it
> has a hardware raid card for our hard drive array, but I have had no
> experience with the SCSI drives. Gentoo does takes a little getting used
> to, with the updates/emerge packages - but I enjoy working in the
> environment now. 
> I've also installed IC 5.2 for our internal sever (Gentoo Linux x86), with
> very little effort, and it has been working flawlessly as well. If Gentoo
> doesn't have a driver for the scsi it would surprise me, but It seem like
> Gentoo drivers, and upgrades appear much quicker than Redhat. I quit using
> Redhat when the switched their modus operandi.
I'm a Gentoo user as well.  Everything "just works" (tm) on Gentoo.
You even get a proper unthreaded Perl by default, so you don't need to
build a local version and keep that up to date separately.

Gentoo's Linux 2.6 kernel did have some problems with Dell RAID
hardware in the past, as did the 2.6 kernel on all other distros.
The advice at the time was to just stick with the 2.4 kernel.  That
time passed a long time ago, and the 2.6 kernel should be as stable as
a rock on all distros.  Gentoo's current Linux kernel version is

> Someone was working on a complete IC setup package for Gentoo, but
> haven't heard much about that lately.
I saw that ebuild some time ago, but wasn't really interested.  I always
install and upgrade Interchange from the tar archive.

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