[ic] mod_interchange and Apache MaxClients

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Sat Nov 19 18:43:28 EST 2005

John1 [list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk] wrote:
> I mentioned a scenario earlier in this thread that *always* causes my
> Interchange session to hang:
> ############
> If we click the "Take payment" button and the PSP server fails to respond
> to the POST request due to a fault at their end our page just hangs.  After
> 60 seconds, the browser page goes blank (i.e. white).  Then, after a further
> 60 seconds the browser finally times out with the usual "Cannot find server
> or DNS error" page.  Now, the interesting thing is that once this has
> occured, my Interchange session is either very slow at best, or completely
> hung.  To carry on working I must close the browser, clear the cookies and
> log back on  again (presumably in order for Interchange to allocate me a new
> session).
> ############# 
> This particular scenario may or may not be related to the main problem we
> have been discussing in this thread.  However, it must be related to
> timeouts et al, and it occurs to me that one good way to test the effect
> of a payment gateway's failure to return a response to a POST request
> would be to write a dummy payment gateway.
> The code would need to listen out for a POST request on a particular port,
> wait for a given length of time, and then respond with a simple status
> result.  The length of time that the code should wait between accepting
> the POST request and responding should be made configurable.  Indeed, the
> timeout value could be passed from the client in the POST request.
You could modify the TestPayment module to recognise a specific magic
card number and just do nothing for a while, thus forcing a timeout

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