[ic] Problem with UI -> Tables -> Edit tables -> Group editing

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Tue Oct 4 15:48:00 EDT 2005

Zambra writes:
> Hello, 
> I have IC 5.2 running under RedHat 9 with a MySQL database.
> I have noticed a strange behaviour when editing records of the Locale 
> table group wise.
> When I check several entries on the same UI page, click on 
> [Edit checked] 
> and edit them sequentially, some of them actually don't get updated. If
> I make a lookup for these records afterwards, they show up in their 
> original state. 
> This happened to me with the messages starting with (code):
> Sorry, no matches for 
> Have you experienced the same problem?

Hi Miquel, 

I have tried to reproduce this and came up with the following, could you 

* Login to admin
* Click 'Tables' tab
* Click 'locale' (Hidden Admin Table)
* Find an item containing a comma in the 'code' field  (clicking on 'Sho' 
will provide a couple)
* Scenario1:
 - click the code field (link)
  You will get to a page where you can enter the translations for this item. 
This seems to work without any issues. 

* Scenario2:
 - tick the box next to the code field (no need to select more than 1, 
behaviour is the same as far as I can tell)
  You will get to a page which shows the part *before* the comma.
  If you translate that part, press Ok, you end up with the part *after* the 
comma. Again translating and pressing Ok results in 2 new items in the 
locale table. 

  Pressing the cancel button results in an Internal Server Error. 

So it looks like a bug with the multiple select. I have not checked if this 
at any other point doesn't work either. 

The simplest workaround is clicking the link, but i can imagine that, 
because pressing 'Ok' starts you again from page 1 of the table, it is 
easier to use the multiselection to edit a file like the locale table. 

Hopefully this is enough information for someone to reproduce it and maybe 
it could be marked as a Bug?  Atm I do not have time to look for a solution 



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