[ic] How to use/configure {{LEFT}} on the pageinclude/layout/leftright?

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Fri Oct 7 11:47:53 EDT 2005

Eric Bont [eric_bont at hotmail.com] wrote:
> I want to change the components on the leftside off my foundation store
> (want to use new/other components).
> On my index.html page I defined all the components I want to use.
> On my page include/layout/leftright there are some tags like {{LEFT}}
> {{TOP?}}  {{TOP}} {{/TOP?}} {{:DEFAULT}}
> When I use for example {{LEFT}} in my foundationstore I get the components
> tinycard, promo and producttree.
> Can anyone tell me how/where I can configure this tags, or how this tags
> work or where I can find some information?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're referring to the new Standard
demo, or possibly the Mike demo, rather than the old Foundation demo.

Take a look at the "templates/regions/LEFTRIGHT_TOP" file (for instance).
In there, you'll find a few named [output] regions.  The regions are
output when the appropriate "{{NAME}}" is seen.  You can make the output
conditional by using "{{NAME?}} whatever {{NAME}} whatever {{/NAME?}}".

There's the [component group=xxx output=xxx] tag, as well as the
[output name=xxx] to take a look at, while you're in the "LEFTRIGHT_TOP"

Also see the similar "LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM" file.  That file may have some
additional [output] regions, and will handle the inclusion and unpacking
of the appropriate "include/layout/xxx" file.

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