[ic] mod_interchange & AddHandler

Joshua Lavin joshua at kingdomdesign.com
Fri Oct 7 20:52:24 EDT 2005

On Oct 6, 2005, at 2:18 PM, Bill Carr wrote:

> I am trying to install a WYSIWYG textarea replacement editor called  
> FCKeditor (I'm not trying to be vulgar. It's the author's initials).
> This URL:
> http://devo.bottleshop.com/FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/ 
> default/connectors/perl/connector.cgi
> Outputs the contents of the file connector.cgi. It is not executed  
> on the server. It is not handled by Interchange.


I had the same issue with trying to serve PHP files, where they  
didn't get processed. At the time, Kevin wasn't sure why Apache  
wasn't picking up the processing again from mod_ic, so I just moved  
my PHP files to another hostname and redirected to them.

More here:

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