[ic] customer_mailing.sh

Matt Kerner mkerner at showmeinteractive.com
Sat Oct 8 08:31:24 EDT 2005

On Oct 8, 2005, at 3:31 AM, interchange at tvcables.co.uk wrote:

> Quoting Matt Kerner <mkerner at showmeinteractive.com>:
>> Does the customer_mailing.sh file exist? If so, where would I  
>> find  it. I'm using IC 5.2 and cannot find this file anywhere in  
>> my  installation.
> customer_mailing.sh is the shell script that is produced from the
> customer_mailing.html page it is not an interchange file, the shell  
> script
> contains all the emails and headers and calls sendmail -t (eg  
> postfix etc) if
> you run it as a stand alone script.
> Net::SMTP is a perl module, try a cpan install of that module,  
> sounds like it is
> missing. Have you installed Bundle::interchange, not sure if it is  
> included with
> that bundle?

So customer_mailing.sh is dynamically generated when the  
customer_mailing.html is run? There is no actual file for this script?

Net::SMTP is in place on my system and functioning properly. I'm able  
to send mail using the [mail] tag and receipt/order report messages  
are sent without difficulty. The only mail functionality that  
produces an error is the customer_mailing.html.


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