[ic] using different leftright pages

Davor Ocelic docelic at mail.inet.hr
Sun Oct 9 14:58:31 EDT 2005

> I need to build a catalog with several different top-images. A page with 
> blue top image, a page with yellow top image, red, green, etc.
> I put the top- images for the blue page in the file include/layout/leftright 
> <!--- top left and right logo ---> I also made 4 indes-pages. 
> index_blue.html, index_red.html etc.
> Question:
> The firstpage is no problem, but how can I make other leftright pages with 
> other colours/top images? Can I make for example several leftright pages 
> like leftright_blue , leftright_red etc. If so, how can I use/call this 
> pages with templates/regions/LEFTRIGHT_TOP  and the index pages?
> Or is there a other way to handle my problem?


Doesn't this seem like a troublesome effort? (Having multiple,
basically-the-same copies of pages?)

You better define a scratch variable in the users' session, then
just select which image or color scheme to display based on the variable
value. And you can do this all within the same page.

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