[ic] Javascript and payment selection in demo

Randy Just randyjust at justcomp.com
Wed Oct 12 20:07:27 EDT 2005

I am a neophyte at Javascript and while I understand parts of Interchange, I am
struggling some resolving a couple of issues on a shopping cart I am working

1) I am working on a modified version of the Interchange demo.  The problem I
am having relates to the payment selection list.  When javascript is turned on
for my browser, it works just fine.  That being, if credit card is 
selected for example,
then the entry fields show up to enter the credit card 
data.  However, we have some users
who leave javascript off.  If the option is off, then selecting any 
of the choices results
in no method being displayed (i.e. credit card entry fields do not 
show up).  I am working
with new_browser_payment_multi in addition to payment_select_multi

What is a trick I can use to allow for javascript disabled folks to 
still be able to have
the credit card info pop-up or the other responses for payment methods?

2) I am stumbling on forms.  What I would like to do is set-up a 
checkbox (as opposed
to a pulldown list) for mailing lists the customer can join on the 
checkout form.  I am
uncertain of the mechanics of me putting the form 
together.  Ultimately I would like
to have the info selected appear on the report output file where the 
boxes that were
checked would have their values appear.  I have experimented some, 
but can't see to
get it working.


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