[ic] Hint for seeing internal variable data

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Wed Oct 12 21:07:49 EDT 2005

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> Christian Brink wrote:
>> Stefan Hornburg wrote:
>>> No big news, IC provides this feature already:
> <snip>

> Maybe it's just me, but there's no point in submitting a "report" or 
> "tiny-Howto" if the Big Kahuna's just gunna make me look like a bone-head.

Please keep posting any and all tiny-Howtos!! Its what makes this list work; 
and without this list/knowledgebase Interchange would be much more difficult 
to use.

The initial post produced a thread that learned me 'two' new methods!

Usually left unsaid by many so as to avoid clutter, but now: Thanks for your 
posts Christian and Racke! 

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