[ic] Templating in 5.3.1

Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Mon Oct 17 15:43:47 EDT 2005

Andreas Grau [agrau at esquat.com] wrote:
> The variable reference @_LEFTRIGHT_TOP_@ and @_LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM_@ in
> pages/index.html is a leftover (which could be used by defining them in
> variables/) and is not used. Right ?
Those are used, and are the most important parts.  See the
LEFTRIGHT_TOP and LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM files in your "templates/regions"
directory.  The variables are picked up from that directory because
of the "DirConfig Variable templates/regions" directive in your
"catalog.cfg" file.

The LEFTRIGHT_TOP file/variable defines a bunch of named [output] areas.
The LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM file/variable also defines a couple of named
[output] areas but, more importantly, handles the actual output of
these areas.

The LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM calls [unpack], which uses a file in your
"include/layout" directory to control the page layout.  The
layout file uses placeholders, such as {{COPYRIGHT}} which, in
that case, refers to the named [output name=copyright] output area.

Output areas can be made conditional using the following syntax:

        Some text here, if you want.
        More text here.  Optional.        

The above region would only be shown if the "foobar" output area
is not blank.

> Below are a couple of [component group=vertical output="[control output
> left]"] (which are referred to as 'Slots') in the admin - what do they do
> ? 
Note the [component] tag's output="foo" parameter.  This forces the
component's HTML into a named output area, for later use by [unpack],
as described above.

> {{:DEFAULT}} is the content from pages/index.html ?
> Where do {{Top}} and {{BOTTOM}} come from ?
The "{{:DEFAULT}}" area is used if no output area name is currently
defined.  Note the [output name=""] at the end of the LEFTRIGHT_TOP

I hope this fills in some gaps.  Someone will correct me if any of
the above is inaccurate or incomplete.

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