[ic] Templating in 5.3.1

Mike Heins mike at perusion.com
Mon Oct 17 17:21:13 EDT 2005

Quoting Andreas Grau (agrau at esquat.com):
> Kevin Walsh wrote:
> >Andreas Grau [agrau at esquat.com] wrote:
> >
> >>The variable reference @_LEFTRIGHT_TOP_@ and @_LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM_@ in
> >>pages/index.html is a leftover (which could be used by defining them in
> >>variables/) and is not used. Right ?
> >
> >Those are used, and are the most important parts.  See the
> >LEFTRIGHT_TOP and LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM files in your "templates/regions"
> >directory.  The variables are picked up from that directory because
> >of the "DirConfig Variable templates/regions" directive in your
> >"catalog.cfg" file.
> Ok. Makes sense. I haven't noticed the DirConfig.
> >The LEFTRIGHT_TOP file/variable defines a bunch of named [output] areas.
> >The LEFTRIGHT_BOTTOM file/variable also defines a couple of named
> >[output] areas but, more importantly, handles the actual output of
> >these areas.
> So, eg, output="[control output left] make this component enter the 
> {{LEFT}} area that is later used in the file include/layout/leftright

Yes, but the [control output left] is just a default value. If you
set the output in the component area, i.e.:


you can change the target. It also removes the fixed limit of components
that can go into an output area.

The reason we went to this model is that it was too limiting to require
things be done in order. It is awful nice to do stuff like

	[set page_title][item-description][/set]
	[tmp keywords][item-param keywords][/tmp]

in the middle of the page and have it show up in the <head> of the

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