[ic] Templating in 5.3.1

Andreas Grau agrau at esquat.com
Tue Oct 18 02:59:02 EDT 2005

Mike Heins wrote:
> Quoting Andreas Grau (agrau at esquat.com):
>>Kevin Walsh wrote:
>>>Andreas Grau [agrau at esquat.com] wrote:
> Yes, but the [control output left] is just a default value. If you
> set the output in the component area, i.e.:
> 	[control-set]
> 		[component]fortune[/component]
> 		[output]right[/output]
> 	[/control-set]
> you can change the target. It also removes the fixed limit of components
> that can go into an output area.
> The reason we went to this model is that it was too limiting to require
> things be done in order. It is awful nice to do stuff like
> 	[set page_title][item-description][/set]
> 	[tmp keywords][item-param keywords][/tmp]
> in the middle of the page and have it show up in the <head> of the
> document.

Aah, I am starting to see the light !

One, hopefully final, question: Is it the {{:DEFAULT}} that induces the 
contents of pages/index.html into include/layout/leftright, or which 
other mechanism tells IC where to put the page contents ?

If I understand right, the final [output name=""] from LEFTRIGHT_TOP 
makes the  page contents into the default area ?

Thank you all for your help,

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