[ic] USPS parcel post domestic and international airmail internallookups

Curt Hauge ictech at mnwebdesign.com
Wed Oct 19 11:13:13 EDT 2005

Paul Jordan [jordan at gishnetwork.com] said:

> Hi list
> I have temporarily setup USPS Priority internal lookups for a
> catalog. What
> I am interested for this catalog is actually just USPS parcel
> post domestic
> and international airmail rates, internal lookup. I setup Priority lookups
> because my search for the possibility of usps ground was becoming
> dimmer and
> dimmer.
> Does anyone know if USPS ground (parcel post) and USPS international air
> mail zones and rates can be integrated with IC for internal
> lookup?

Paul, not sure if this will help, but I have been meaning to post this for
quite awhile. I wrote a how-to to get UPS International to do lookups by
weight / zone. I have reviewed each step to be sure I wrote it correctly (I

It is kinda kludgy because you have to convert the rate table, but it does

How To Get UPS International shipping by zone to work.

1) Declare your new shipping options in CATROOT/catalog.cfg, something like

Shipping   UPSIntl
Shipping   Postal     default_geo   08010
Shipping   QueryUPS   default_geo   08010

Database   UPSWWE           ship/UPSWWE.txt            TAB
Database   UPS              ship/UPS.txt               TAB

2) Copy Postal.pm to UPSIntl.pm in ~/lib/Vend/Ship

3) Edit UPSIntl.pm:

	Change all words 'Postal' to 'UPSIntl'
	Change all words 'usps' to 'UPS'

4) Make a tab separated file called UPS.txt, just like
CATROOT/products/ship/usps.txt, but make it from a
downloaded UPS International zone file like ewwzone. Change the 'zone' field
name to UPSWWE, and also the first field name to 'code', like this:

code	name	UPSWWE	Extended Area Surcharge
AL	Albania	907
DZ	Algeria	907
AS	American Samoa	907

Note: Extended Area Surcharge is not used, although it may be possible to
use it if you rename the field similar to usps.txt, after reviewing
UPSINTL.pm to see how it is utilized. 8-)

5) Download UPS rate table for International service (like Express or
Expedited) and name it UPSWWE.txt
Convert UPSWWE.txt from comma separated values to TAB (it MAY work with
csv's if properly declared in catalog.cfg, but this is how 'Postal' is by
default). Rename fields to 'zone900' instead of '900', like:

weight  zone900  zone901  zone902  zone903  zone904  zone905  zone906
zone907  zone908
1	36.50	47.50	47.50	56.25	53.00	53.75	61.75	89.00	89.75
2	44.75	55.50	54.75	65.75	60.00	60.50	77.75	105.50	107.00

6) Make an entry in CATROOT/products/ship/shipping.asc similar to this:

upswe:	UPS Worldwide
	crit		weight
	at_least	40
	adder		@@TOTAL@@ * ($Variable->{UPS_ADDER_PCT} || .10)
	table		UPSWWE
	min		0
	max		0
	cost		e No shipping needed!

	min		0
	max		150
	cost		s UPSIntl

	min		151
	max		9999999
	cost		e @@TOTAL@@ lbs. is too heavy for UPS!

7) In CATROOT/products/country.txt put'upswe' (without quotes) in the
'shipmodes' field for every
country that you want to use this shipmode. MAKE SURE you have a matching
country code in the UPS.txt file,
or you will have countries coming up with $0 shipping on checkout page.

8) Don't forget to restart!

Good luck!

Curt Hauge
Office 763-689-4984
Cell   612-598-5530

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