[ic] USPS parcel post domestic and international airmail internal lookups

Duane Hinkley duane at dhwd.com
Wed Oct 19 11:36:45 EDT 2005

Paul Jordan wrote:

>Hi list
>I have temporarily setup USPS Priority internal lookups for a catalog. What
>I am interested for this catalog is actually just USPS parcel post domestic
>and international airmail rates, internal lookup. I setup Priority lookups
>because my search for the possibility of usps ground was becoming dimmer and
>Does anyone know if USPS ground (parcel post) and USPS international air
>mail zones and rates can be integrated with IC for internal lookup? Or does
>anyone know that this is not currently possible and this would have to be
>done, or subbed out. I have found a few messages similar to:
>But nothing that says "ok Paul, you won't be searching for 4 days in vain!"
>If anyone has information or the name of a consultant that might be able
>help, it would be much appreciated
>Kind regards,
> Paul Jordan
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The USPS_XML code we sent earlier for the shipping labels also includes 
the online USPS Rates.  It includes all the possible USPS rates 
including media mail, 3rd class (ground) and I believe it even has the 
International.  I think the directions to set it up is in the INSTALL 
file along with the shipping.asc file entries. 

To the Interchange community, we will be releasing this code soon to the 
Interchange project.  We've just been so overwhelmed with other 
Interchange clients that we haven't had the chance to get it ready.  We 
need to polish up the docs and make sure it fits well with the 
Interchange distribution.  We'll announce to the list when it's released.

We also have the online XML modules for UPS, FedEx and Canadian Post.  
The FedEx and UPS also includes automatically downloading the labels and 
saving tracking numbers.  Look for these to be released to the 
Interchange project in the near future.  Soon as we get a chance to get 
them ready.



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