[ic] Item Editor and Foreign Key Reference

Christian Brink cbrink at brinkrods.com
Wed Oct 19 17:04:37 EDT 2005

There appears (Database Lookup in the Meta Information Edit screen) to 
be a way to add a field to the Item Editor that reference a another 
table based on a foreign key. But I can't seem to find docs on it or 
experiment to get it to work.

I have added a Manufacturers Table and a field called 'manu_id' to the 
product table that references the Manufacturers Table 'id' field. These 
modifications have been added to the Interchange table definitions.

Table: Manufacturers

I would like to have a select box on the Item Edit page that displays 
the name and contains the value for the 'id'. So this can update the 
product table.

Right now I only have a text entry box which shows/updates the id. Not 
an optimal solution.

I would greatly appreciate any help or a point to some docs.


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