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Wed Oct 19 18:41:32 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-10-19 at 14:04 -0700, Christian Brink wrote: 
> There appears (Database Lookup in the Meta Information Edit screen) to 
> be a way to add a field to the Item Editor that reference a another 
> table based on a foreign key. But I can't seem to find docs on it or 
> experiment to get it to work.
> I have added a Manufacturers Table and a field called 'manu_id' to the 
> product table that references the Manufacturers Table 'id' field. These 
> modifications have been added to the Interchange table definitions.
> Basically:
> Table: Manufacturers
>    id
>    name
> I would like to have a select box on the Item Edit page that displays 
> the name and contains the value for the 'id'. So this can update the 
> product table.
> Right now I only have a text entry box which shows/updates the id. Not 
> an optimal solution.
> I would greatly appreciate any help or a point to some docs.
> Christian
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In the admin area, go to the table editor,
select the products table

click on any one of the products code

to the right of the manu_id field, you should see an edit button click

select "Combo Select" for the Widget type 
and "Combo Box" for the filter(s)

Then click the "Database Lookup" tab

choose "Manufacturers" for the lookup tables

you can also put "code, title" in the "Field for lookup" area

I also put "1" in the "Lookup select" area but I'm not sure that 


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