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> Subject: [ic] IC processes taking long time?
> I have a 5.2 catalog running with quite a few skus. Lately I've noticed
> that when I watch the server processes with 'top', some of the
> Interchange processes seem to be taking quite a long time, and the
> server load reported by 'uptime' is kind of high. This is a dual Xeon
> box with 3GB ram - not all that wimpy.

I noticed a while back that careless [include]s could bring IC to its knees
in pre-5.3 versions, as the depth of includes was not limited and IC could
easily be led into an infinite loop.  The problem tends to show up as IC
processes taking up huge amounts of CPU time for a long while (usually until
either the admin or IC kills them).

There is a fixed include.coretag in CVS, and though it has not been
backported to 5.2 AFAICT, it will work fine with that version.  Just grab
the latest version of that file from the CVS server (see
code/SystemTag/include.coretag) and copy it over the one currently in

The default depth is 10, which is fine for just about anybody.  If you want
to change it, though, i believe it goes a little something like this:

	Limit include_depth 10

I could be wrong about that, but then i've never had to change it;  i think
i helped come up with the default in the first place.  =)

Daniel Davenport
New Age Digital, Inc.

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