[ic] New installation of 5.2 won't start

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> Subject: [ic] New installation of 5.2 won't start
> I can't seem to locate a reference to what is going on. I have a Fedora
> 4 installation with the no-thread perl, postgresql, and the
> "kitchensink" IC perl modules. I'm trying to startup a brand new server
> with a fresh install of IC (and everything) and an empty products.txt
> file. The catalog is in the /home/<catalog name>/catalog directory as
> this is supposed to be a virtual hosted account.
> The makecat process created the empty database OK. But all I get on
> startup is:
> <catalog name> config error: products not a database, cannot use as
> products file

I've seen this happen when the permissions weren't set right on
products.txt.  IC tends to complain when it doesn't have read/write access
to the file.  Helpful error messages can usually be found in
$CATALOG/error.log, and would be quite helpful next time you have a problem.

chown'ing the txt file to $ICUSER.$ICUSER, and chmod'ing it 644, usually
makes things work for me.  If it works for you, you might check to make sure
your catalog's user and group can get along with IC's, as eventually the
file will likely get exported / recreated and the permissions may change.

You might also check the other text files for the same problems.  It's not
very likely that products.txt is the only file that had the permissions it

Daniel Davenport
New Age Digital, Inc.

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