[ic] empty basket

groove cube groovecube at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 03:42:10 EDT 2005

> What is the problem you're facing with that?  Usually, once the order
> is complete, the cart contents are no longer required.  If they are
> required then the data can be retrieved from the transactions/orderlines
> tables.
> You could use the [userdb] set_cart/get_cart/delete_cart functionality
> to save/restore/delete a named temporary cart while the order is being
> placed.
> Of course, I could have completely misunderstood your question. :-)
> Are you saying that no items appear on the receipt page?

Thank you Kevin, You have perfectly understood my question.
I need to keep the items after the purchase because it is necessary to
merge sellings with delivery and sellings via download from the site
(e.g.  ebook).
I'll  try to use the get_cart function just as you've suggested.


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