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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Mon Oct 24 05:27:19 EDT 2005

groove cube [groovecube at gmail.com] wrote:
> > What is the problem you're facing with that?  Usually, once the order
> > is complete, the cart contents are no longer required.  If they are
> > required then the data can be retrieved from the
> > transactions/orderlines tables. You could use the [userdb]
> > set_cart/get_cart/delete_cart functionality to save/restore/delete a
> > named temporary cart while the order is being placed. Of course, I
> > could have completely misunderstood your question. :-) 
> > Are you saying that no items appear on the receipt page?
> >
> Thank you Kevin, You have perfectly understood my question.
> I need to keep the items after the purchase because it is necessary to
> merge sellings with delivery and sellings via download from the site
> (e.g.  ebook). I'll  try to use the get_cart function just as you've
> suggested. 
If that's the reason you need the cart items then I wouldn't do it
that way.  It sounds like a security nightmare.  If you wanted the
cart contents for display purposes then the save/restore facility
might be a way to do it, but I wouldn't use saved carts for any
post-order processing.

How about adding a column to your "orderline" table (perhaps call
it "downloadable").  Mark the column as true for downloadable items
and false for others.  You might need a couple of other columns to
describe the downloadable file.  This could all be done in your
log_transaction file.

A link from the receipt page could take the user to some sort of
download.html page, which could run a simple SQL SELECT query to
display the files the user is allowed to download.

Of course, more download-related trickery would be required to keep
your files secure from unauthorised downloads, but that's not too
difficult, and you'd have to do it anyway.

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