[ic] delimiter for tag parameters

Ron Phipps rphipps at reliant-solutions.com
Tue Oct 25 19:40:45 EDT 2005

I have a usertag that takes as parameters text from the product title
field as well as other fields in the database.  I can't control what the
users put in those fields and therefore the parameter delimiters like
(', ", |) could be within the text.  If the delimiter I'm currently
using when calling the tag using ITL is in the text then the call fails.
How do other developers handle this issue?  For example:

The database field title could contain:

1' by 5" plywood | treated

And if I call my tag like this:

[mytag title='[item-field title]']

IC displays:

[mytag title='1' by 5" plywood | treated']

Instead of actually calling the tag passing that text to the tag.  If I
use ' " | as the delimiter it all results in the same problem because
those characters show up in the title.  What are our choices for
delimiter?  And how do other people handle this issue?


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