[ic] shipping.asc and formulas (adder or at_least field)

Gert van der Spoel ic at 3edge.com
Fri Oct 28 13:12:34 EDT 2005

Randy Just writes: 

> We are old time users of what would be considered ancient versions of Interchange (MiniVend days).  I recently upgraded to 5.2.0 and have a shopping cart running under it.  I have a minor problem which I am trying to resolve relating to shipping. 
> I am trying to use formulas in fields such as at_least or adder and seem to be striking out.  In the code below I am attempting to change the minimum shipping charge for the user based on the value of the merchandise they
> are ordering. 
> That being if the item total is $8.99 or less, then the minimum shipping charge will be $4.99.  Over $8.99 and it goes to $5.49. 
> at_least		[calc interpolate=1]$tmp1=([item-list][item_field price]*[item_quantity]+[/item-list]0);if($tmp1>8.99){$tmp2=5.49}else{$tmp2=4.99};return $tmp2;[/calc] 

does it make any difference to change: [item_field price] to
[item-field price]  and [item_quantity]  to  [item-quantity]
(so _  to -) ... 

If that doesn't make a difference you could try to set $tmp1 to 9.99 so to 
see if it at least catches the at_least at all ... 

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