[ic] violation of our trademark at your site - Please Respond

JT Justman jt at airdelights.com
Fri Oct 28 15:58:28 EDT 2005

Greg Boehnlein wrote:
> On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Edward Conlin & Associates wrote:
> This is quite funny. An attorney is contacting a mailing list about an 
> archived SPAM letter that was delivered to the mailing list. I had a good 
> chuckle about the absurdity of the situation when I read the link that was 
> contained.
> First, why not contact the original author of the E-mail in question which 
> appears to be "blaine at macrae.com"? Certainly the author is culpable for 
> misuse of the trademark.
> Second, if "Stock Maven" is trademarked, then certainly "stock Maven", 
> which is NOT capitalized would fall under a different trademark?
> Ohh.. wait.. I can't really continue this.. I'm laughing too hard to 
> type...
> Mr. Conlin.. good luck with your crusade, and please keep us all informed 
> as to the progress that you achieve. You might also consider suing 
> everyone in Goole that returns a hit for the term "Stock Maven", as well 
> as Google itself.

The greatest irony is, that by posting the URL of that post into our
public archives, he has probably significantly upgraded its place in the
google rankings.


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